Understanding soils and growing media is fundamental to achieving optimal growth of plants and performance of landscapes across a wide range of environments.

Through my horticultural studies, I now possess the skill set to confidently:

  • understand the chemical and physical properties of soil and growing media composition
  • identify different soil textures and structures
  • assess plant, soil and growing media nutrient status and manage nutrient levels
  • understand the importance of soil water aeration, drainage and temperature
  • apply the principles and practices of soil husbandry and growing media management to
    specialist applications such as green roofs, vertical walls and container gardening

Soils affect plant health intimately and their composition,structure and nutrient availability can dictate which plants can be grown successfully in a particular environment. This training has allowed me to understand the mechanisms by which soils and growing media impact plant growth across a range of soil types and specialist growing applications like green roofs and walls.

As part of this training, I prepared a soil report; assessing a particular growing environment’s soil for suitability of growing common vegetables. To establish this I performed scientific and in-field tests on:

  • Texture
  • Bulk Density
  • Penetrative resistance
  • Structure stability
  • pH
  • Electrical conductivity

Following these test results I recommended a remediation regime to improve the soil’s suitability for growing common vegetables.