Work as both a nursery assistant and director of the organisation as a whole. I perform duties like plant propagation, preparation of nursery stock for retail sale, picking and filling orders for clients, general nursery maintenance and weed control, seed collection and storage, public inquiries and retail. It is immensely rewarding work, and often Involves contributing to & supervising a team of volunteers & employees with diverse teams of people with different backgrounds and abilities.
I have gained specialist knowledge of propagation and cultural requirements of a broad range of threatened plant species and communities, as well experience in their ongoing maintenance in a nursery environment. I regularly work unsupervised to fulfil targets and operational objectives of production output of the nursery. The conservation focus of the organisation is integral to all work.

I also perform ad-hoc work in landscape maintenance as a contractor for the organisation, responsible for upkeep of a wide variety of landscapes and horticultural systems to the high, specialist standards of the organisation.