Water is essential for plant growth, and in a changing climate it’s efficient use has never been more important. My education in horticulture allowed me to develop my understanding of the relationship between achieving optimal plant growth in an urban environment through the appropriate and responsible supply and application of water and design options to best use water. I have a skill set that allows me to identify plant water requirements, and determine how and when to water.

As a result, I can now:

  • understand the relationship between plant growth and water availability
  • be able to calculate plants’ water requirements using climate data
  • be able to determine when and how much water to apply in order to water efficiently and
    sustainably using measured and theoretical site properties
  • be able to select appropriate water sources to maintain urban landscapes
  • understand the principles of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) in the planning of
    urban landscapes
  • design basic irrigation and water management systems to achieve efficient use of water
  • operate basic irrigation and water control systems for urban landscapes
  • appreciate the implications of climate change for water management of urban horticulture
    and landscape

As part of this understanding, I prepared an assessment report of an urban streetscape in order to

  • estimate currently existing irrigation budget and schedule
  • provide advice on how to improve water use & irrigation efficiency
  • provide advice on how Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) features can be implemented at the site to reduce potable water use & discharge of pollutants into local waterways