Worked for St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Co-op as part of a collaboration with Tanja Beer, Melbourne School of Design, Federation Square and City of Melbourne. Entitled “Refugium”, a temporary art installation using indigenous and native plants was installed at Federation Square as part of the Light in Winter Festival. Participants learnt how to make kokedama hanging planters to be added to the installation, and were asked “what does nature mean to you?” to get them thinking about the relationship between ecology, sustainability, art and design in an urban context.

Plants and landscaping were also supplied for a the temporary fireplace installation, aiming to reflect the role of the fireplace in Aboriginal culture, and serving as a event space for the festival.

As the horticulturalist for this project, I provided expert horticultural knowledge of the suitability of a wide range of species for this specialized context, as well as ongoing maintenance and advising maintenance needs, landscaping layout for a very public area, plant installation, communicating with the public and participating in public workshops, talking with media about the project, while continually communicating with the number of parties involved in the project. A video piece was filmed by the University of Melbourne and used for marketing purposes.

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