Was approached by Sustainable Gardening Australia to pitch, develop and run a paid workshop for the public around construction of aquatic terrariums, or “jarrariums”; a self contained, low maintenance underwater landscape and aquatic ecosystem suitable for indoors. SGA approached me after seeing previous workshops I had run on the concept myself. I gave a talk to around 15 attendants (sold out) about the role of aquatic plants in ecosystems, their cultivation requirements and the theory behind the jarrarium concept. Workshop attendants then constructed their own jarrarium to take home, following my steps and with my hands-on guidance. Required specialist knowledge of the cultivation of indigenous aquatic plants, and how to communicate this knowledge to the public in an accessible & engaging way,  as well as resourcing and organizing the structure and proceedings of the workshop, and working with a third party to produce the workshop. Strong positive feedback was received by SGA from participants.