Wrote an photographed a how-to guide for people to put together their own indoor water garden, or “jarrarium”. Required explaining and implementing horticultural knowledge about the cultivation of indigenous aquatic plants in a manner accessible and appealing for the public. Took a series of demonstrative photos to accompany the piece. Story became one of theContinue reading

Working in a office administrative role, ensuring maintenance, projects and designs are scheduled and delivered to clients effectively and to deadlines. Requires time management, and communicating effectively with clients, field staff and suppliers to ensure time frames are adhered to. Heavily reliant on MS Office suite, Apple Calendar and Daylite. Also employed in a communicationContinue reading

Helped run a series of school incursion activities as an employee of Do it on the Roof. Activities were for primary school children, and designed to engage them with ideas around urban ecology and conservation. After being introduced to the concept and componentry of green walls and roofs (via the portable rover trailer), children wereContinue reading

Wrote and edited a series of blog posts for Do it on the Roof. Posts covered both designing a garden to attract bird life, and the value of urban ecology. Required research, photography and writing to produce pieces that called on informed horticultural and ecological knowledge to provide significant content for the organisation’s web presence.Continue reading

Worked with Sunnyside Kindergarten Malvern East to provide a consultation and report on the renovation of their garden and outside play area. Recipients of a grant from Landcare, Sunnyside required someone qualified to inspect their space, and record findings and suggestions into a written report. I was able to use in-field observations, discussions with staff,Continue reading

Ran a number of public classes for Laneway Learning¬†around the playful theme of “Stop killing your houseplants!” . The classes centered around empowering people to provide better care for their indoor plants, through using and understanding the specialised horticultural knowledge and practice these plants require. Required research and presentation of scientific concepts to the generalContinue reading

Worked for Do it on the Roof to deliver an audio tour for City of Stonnington. The audio tour was designed to promote and showcase recent extensive revegetation works taken by the council along the Yarra river, using engaging and accessible communication. My primary role was to conduct interviews for the audio tour. I contactedContinue reading

I was approached by online magazine The Plant Hunter to write a profile about myself, and my relationship with plants. They were looking for “personal, honest, and heartfelt stories”, to fit around 600 words. I wrote a short, personal story reflecting on my suburban upbringing in Melbourne, and the role plants had played in it.Continue reading

Wrote a feature article published by The Plant Hunter on the links between ethnic culture, identity, community and food growing. The piece was published as part of the “Community” issue. Interviewed a variety of subjects for the piece, including Cultivating Comunities and Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre about their community garden programs. Researched, interviewed and wroteContinue reading

Worked for St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Co-op as part of a collaboration with Tanja Beer, Melbourne School of Design, Federation Square and City of Melbourne. Entitled “Refugium”, a temporary art installation using indigenous and native plants was installed at Federation Square as part of the Light in Winter Festival.¬†Participants learnt how to make kokedama hangingContinue reading