Horticulture in urban communities plays an important role in sustaining and improving our quality of life. Through my education, I was encouraged to think critically about sustainability challenges faced in both horticultural organisations and in private and public landscapes. As part of this I extensively researched the case study of the One Central Park development inContinue reading

Water is essential for plant growth, and in a changing climate it’s efficient use has never been more important. My education in horticulture allowed me to develop my understanding of the relationship between achieving optimal plant growth in an urban environment through the appropriate and responsible supply and application of water and design options to best use water. IContinue reading

I have attended weekly for two years, both as an employee and volunteer. I perform duties like plant propagation, preparation of nursery stock for retail sale, picking and filling orders for clients, general nursery maintenance and weed control, seed collection and storage, public inquiries and retail. It is immensely rewarding work, and often Involves contributingContinue reading

Selected as a group of 15 people from diverse backgrounds to undergo the EcoCity Stories Melbourne program, to become EcoCity storytellers and learn to tell powerful stories about sustainability & biodiversity in the City of Melbourne. The project aims to help residents, workers, volunteers and students tell their own stories about how they are building aContinue reading

Coordinated a team of volunteers to install and dismantle two boutique garden showcases over a two week period at Australia’s largest flower and garden show. Involved recruiting & rostering, being responsible for making sure all volunteers were working to site and design conditions, liaising with suppliers, designers and other concerned parties to ensure the executionContinue reading

My studies have provided me with a thorough understanding of the care and management of trees in urban settings. This covers areas like tree anatomy and structure, tree growth and function, tree root systems, tree pathology and health, methods of tree assessment and evaluation, tree protection strategies, planning and management issues and case-studies and an introduction to safe arboricultural work practices,Continue reading

Understanding soils and growing media is fundamental to achieving optimal growth of plants and performance of landscapes across a wide range of environments. Through my horticultural studies, I now possess the skill set to confidently: understand the chemical and physical properties of soil and growing media composition identify different soil textures and structures assess plant, soilContinue reading

Pickling zucchini, pampering tomatoes and curing my own prosciutto. Growing my own food has always been a hobby I have been passionate about. By achieving my Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture at Burnley under Melbourne University, I have been able to refine this passion with informed scientific knowledge and expert industry practice.