Participated in the running of a workshop put on by the City of Stonnington and Do it on the Rood at Armadale Baptist Church community garden. The purpose of the workshop was to educate members of the community garden and other residents about gardening in small spaces and urban areas. Participants in the workshop installedContinue reading

Employed by Do it on the Roof as part of the Sustainable Living Festivale to deliver a public talk on green walls & roofs in a residential setting, and to provide expert and informed horticultural knowledge to this specialized context. The aim of the talk was to empower residents to look at opportunities for green infrastructure in theirContinue reading

Ran a number of public classes for Laneway Learning in collaboration with St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Coop, some as part of the Sustainable Living Festival. The classes centered around encouraging native species into urban areas, through DIY habitat creation (“bee hotels”) and planting indigenous plant species for habitat. Required research and presentation of scientific concepts toContinue reading

Organised and ran a workshop for the public around Australian native bee species and the role they play in biodiversity in urban ecosystems. Promoted the talk and workshop in local areas, community groups and online through social media. I gave a talk to around 30 attendants about the benefits of encouraging native bees into theirContinue reading

Created a submission for the Avenue of Achievable Gardens at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2016, representing the University of Melbourne. The submission required a synthesis of a variety of techniques and knowledge including Adobe Photoshop, Vectorworks 2015, Adobe Indesign as well as watercolour and hand drafting technique. Sophisticated plant knowledge was also required, regardingContinue reading

Developed a landscape design plan for the site at St. Kilda Indigenous Nursery Coop. Workshopped with a team of stakeholders to develop landscape design for the the front of the business to showcase the value of indigenous plants to potential customers and the wider community. Produced a professional working document to accompany landscape plans to identify limitations andContinue reading

Andrew Laidlaw is one of Australia’s leading landscape architects and designers, winning multiple awards and working on numerous high profile projects. Andrew is most well-known for his work as the landscape architect at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. He is responsible for the design and development of the Long Island indigenous garden, the Perennial Border, the RoseContinue reading

Latin for ‘garden’, Hortus is an innovative cafe in the Docklands neighbourhood in the city of Melbourne. The cafe is a collaboration between the specialty coffee proprietors Seven Seeds, art consultancy Utopian Slumps and Folk Architects. It takes the form of a stand-alone greenhouse that featuring interior and exterior gardens of native, exotic and edible plantsContinue reading

Horticulture in urban communities plays an important role in sustaining and improving our quality of life. Through my education, I was encouraged to think critically about sustainability challenges faced in both horticultural organisations and in private and public landscapes. As part of this I extensively researched the case study of the One Central Park development inContinue reading

Water is essential for plant growth, and in a changing climate it’s efficient use has never been more important. My education in horticulture allowed me to develop my understanding of the relationship between achieving optimal plant growth in an urban environment through the appropriate and responsible supply and application of water and design options to best use water. IContinue reading